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The Castelfalfi Estate has always been a natural paradise, rich in history and tradition, located in the most characteristic part of central Tuscany.
The Estate covers around 1,100 hectares of land where flourishing vineyards, old and new olive groves, extensive farmland, woodland, lakes and a game reserve coexist harmoniously, testifying, even today, the strong agricultural vocation of a land that has been creating world-renowned produce for centuries.


The Estate sits on over 22 hectares of land divided into 9 modern vineyards, which have been created since 2000. The crops are transitioning to organic, respecting the Estate and its philosophy that strongly values environmental protection. New vineyard land is chosen according to well-defined criteria, encouraging optimum insulation and air circulation that helps preserve the surrounding environment. Most of the work still remains firmly in capable human hands, including harvesting, which rewards the passion and commitment that characterize Castelfalfi’s winemakers.

The San Piero IGT, Cerchiaia Chianti DOCG, Poggionero IGT and Poggio alla Fame IGT wines emphasize the characteristic features of each vineyard.

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The IGT San Piero is a fresh and easy wine to drink. It features a ruby red colour with violet reflections due to its stay in steel. The pleasant fruity notes from a Sangiovese base accompanied by Merlot grapes make San Piero a great wine to be served with cheeses, cold cuts and white meats.

Serve at a temperature of 16-18°C



Castelfalfi’s Chianti DOCG comes from Sangiovese grapes, as indicated by its rules, making it smoother and rounder with a small percentage of Merlot grapes. With its bright and ruby reflections, the Cerchiaia releases notes of small red and violet berries. Sangiovese’s fresh and decisive taste is ideal with typical Mediterranean dishes.

Serve at a temperature of 16-18°C.



The IGT from Castelfalfi is a blend made by selected Merlot and Alicante grapes and aged in small wooden barrels. It comes from the oldest vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon that grow adjacent to the Borgo di Castelfalfi. With its deep ruby colour, the Poggionero is characterised by the intensity of its elegant bouquet of red fruit enhanced by spicy notes. The rounded tannins and long structure make it an excellent combination to roast, game and aged cheeses dishes.

Serve at a temperature of 18°C.



The pride of the Castelfalfi Estate, this Rosso Toscano IGT is made of 100% Sangiovese grapes. Unmistakable due to its elegance and character, the Poggio alla Fame 2013 is closely tied to the taste sensations of the Sangiovese varieties from the hills of Central Tuscany; the great contrast between acidity and tannin contributes, with time, to the creation of a great wine for aging. A structured and refined wine to the palate, it is ideal to enjoy in combination with meat, roasts and cheeses.

Serve at a temperature of 18°C.



Castelfalfi’s oil mill is very important for the company and the territory: here, 400 external customers crush their olives. Since 2013, the mill also works with customers who already grow organic. The growing demand for this service certifies the quality of our work and prompted the company to further improve its structures and processes: thanks to some investments, the mill has increased the quantity and the quality of the olive oil produced by using a new technique called “cold extraction”. It is a fundamental milestone in the conversion program of Castelfalfi’s cultivation and production, which will be exclusively organic within 2016.


The land where the olive trees grow facilitates insulation and irrigation, providing the best fruits on the Estate. Currently, the Estate produces organic extra-virgin olive oil and cold-pressed organic IGP extra-virgin olive oil. To ensure perfect results, traditional steps are followed, including constant temperature control (it must never go above 28°C) that guarantees the oil retains its full flavor and aroma. This oil is characterized by a sharp and bitter taste, which indicates its quality and purity.


At the Estate, spelt is cultivated in an area of around 50 hectares. In light of the Estate’s current move towards organic farming, spelt becomes an ideal grain that does not require pesticide or fertilizer. Each year, new areas of land that had been left to rest during the previous year are newly designated for its production. The seeds are sowed in November and reaped in July. Currently, the Estate produces around 150 tons of spelt each year.

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